the world doesn’t want to know about your sore toe

I read about increasing traffic and generally getting noticed and I think, why? No one comes here much. I don’t encourage it. I don’t have friends with websites let alone weblogs. I don’t have many friends anyway.

So what am I doing here? I mean, this is getting towards entry #100 and I’ve only had 2 comments. And that’s when I was on tripod, a more public community. I joined a few rings recently but they probably don’t do much, just seemed fun to try out.

I don’t need people here.

This place, it’s there so I can get disciplined and actually record some of what goes through my mind. It’s meant to be boring. I don’t whine about school cos I’m not at school. I don’t write about work cos as soon as I leave the office work is forgotten. I don’t have any hobbies. I’m not a pundit or expert on anything. I’m not embarking on any adventure. But sometimes I do describe the cheese sandwich I had. May be cos it was made from an interesting cheese. Or that I’d been having cheese sandwiches 3 days running. Yeah, it’s a metaphorical cheese sandwich, geddit?

33% of weblogs are private. 10% are password protected. This statistic, from none other than the founders of Six Apart, seems surprising at first glance. But begins to make sense the more I think about it. People want to express themselves, but they don’t really want to air their dirty laundry in public, at least not all of it.

The world doesn’t want to know about your sore toe, it wants to show you its sore toe.

So hide. A small degree of anonymity is offered by the internet. People do chat rooms, icq, have internet sex, all under the guise of some personality or other. But increasingly, I come across people publishing under their real names, like they’re saying, I have nothing to hide. My sore toe is just as important as yours.

Pretty soon I won’t have a spoken voice. I’ll speak through the weblog or website. I’ll lose the ability to articulate speech, already I’m finding it harder, much harder, to speak on the phone or in person. I sit all day in front of one screen or another and that’s my whole life.

But I still won’t tell you who I am.