I got approved for obscured logs and verbosity, both webrings. I was checking, the previous and next links for obscured logs seem to be random links but for verbosity they’re fixed. The previous verbosity is called heart failure by this 21 year old girl. The next link is someone’s test blog. I’m a bit annoyed at that. And there’s no link to the ring, which I think contravenes the rules?

I got a comment for quiet thoughts. Amazing. I did a trackback to Mena Trott’s post on weblogging, I guess people do read her writings, seeing that she’s co-founder of Six Apart afterall. I don’t know whether the commenter came from the trackback or via the rings. I’m just glad someone’s popped by.

Scary. It’s like first night on stage, peeping my head out, trying not to get noticed, but wanting to be.