gallery done

The gallery, or properly known as stained glass window, is converted to MT. I debated on whether to use other methods, amongst others photostack, gallery, coppermine.

But I’m sticking with MT for the time being, it’s so easy to copy the previous pages over.

I’ve split the gallery up into different subjects, each is a category. Mirror project and twop pixel challenges have their own category.

The main image is the Entry Body. The descriptive text the Extended Body and the thumbnail the Excerpt. Then it’s just a question of using the proper tags to display on the main, category archive and individual archive pages.

For individual archive pages I took our the sidebar and moved the menu to the bottom of the page, making it less cluttered.

On the category archive pages I floated the thumnails. All thumbanil height is 100px but it’s due to the different widths it doesn’t look too great.

On the main index page I selected one image in each category and used that as the category attribute. I use the MTCategoryDescription tag to display and link to that category.

Only delicacies remain.