membership is open

I have my first member! I created pizzaorme, using Movable Type. Now I’m 2 authors and 3 “proper” weblogs, which I think is already over the allowance in the free version of MT3. Luckily I haven’t upgraded, under 2.661 I can have as many as I like.

The pizza section looks like the rest of the site, we’ll have to work a bit harder to customize it, too many links are to my stuff, like I think we need to come up with a different faq and picture.

I read that under their definition a “weblog” is one that’s regularly updated (a 90-day frequency has been mentioned). I think they mean that the static pages like pictures, writings don’t really count as a weblog. Definitely in my mind they’re not, I just use the MT technology to build these pages.

Anyhow, I’m not upgrading to MT3 till I get the whole site done so there’s a little while to go yet.