19 days

19 days. That’s how long I’ll be away from home on my long business trip. Singapore then Sydney. I’m in Singapore now. Again. Sigh. How original.

I have to pack both hot weather and cool weather clothes. And an assortment of snacks and stuff for different groups of people. Friends. Office people. Enough shampoo, shower gel and washing liquid. 2 pairs of shoes. Underwear, socks. Phone, iPod, camera and most importantly, the Powerbook.

I don’t think it’s sunk in, I’m just taking it one day at a time. We were both sad during the weekend before, trying to be close, not letting go. Timing was bad as usual. But something was also missing. I feel so guilty, I should be despondent, totally missing her. All I feel is a dull ache, like a small flame mutely maintained, not a big all consuming feeling. Why. I want to feel worse, all I feel is … a big nothingness.

I’m so used to this place now, for dinner I went to Carrefour and bought bread and roast chicken to make a sandwich. Yeah, boring.