table of many dishes

For lunch today I went with my 2 ex-colleagues to an Indonesian restaurant at Suntec Mall. We had rijsttafel, which literally means rice table, and consists of a veritable feast of different dishes served with rice and soup. The restaurant is good enough to allow for reasonable portions per person. Strangely enough, the first time I came across the term rijsttafel was in Amsterdam, not so surprising now I think about it, cos there are many Indonesians in Holland.

The dishes were served in small bowls over hot plates to keep them warm. To start we had prawn crackers. This is what we had:

  • Soto ayam — chicken soup
  • Achar — pickled cucumber
  • Otak — grilled fishcake, I always think this taste like luncheon meat, I have it quite a lot with the nask lemak I get for lunch
  • Sayur lodch — vegetable curry, usually my favorite type of curry
  • Ayam Panggang — grilled chicken, very dark, for some reason, but not burnt I think it’s just the sauce
  • Daging rendang — beef rendang, little spicy, little sour, it’s ok except I never like beef unless it’s a piece of steak
  • Ayam Kalio — chicken curry, I’m beginning to understand ayam means chicken, this one’s a not-too-spicy chicken wings, good sauce
  • Tahu telor — tofu omlette, fried tofu, fried egg
  • Kangkong belachan — chinese spinach in kangkong sauce, probably the most spicy dish
  • Sambal udang — spicy prawns
  • Terong kecap — eggplant in soy sauce, didn’t try that don’t like eggplants
  • Ikan goreng — fried fish, in batter, tastes like the fish in fish’n’chips dishes
  • Sate ayam — chicken satay, the sweet sate you find here, not the spicy one
  • Rudjak manis — fruit salad of apples, pineapple, orange, quite refreshing after a full meal

With just one piece from each dish it was a lot. I was full, man. I liked it though, the sheer number of different dishes, like tapas, can try everything.