everyone’s doing it

The Guardian has a weblog, of posts by their journalists I guess, short “interesting” pieces of news. Much like the weblog of a real life blogger. Except it only has a date and name of poster, no comments, no trackback, quite static in feel.

Getting on the bandwagon much? All the politicians, pundits and celebrities are doing it. Soon it’ll be like the iPod, the novelty factor, the sense of uniqueness, ok the superiority complex, of being an iPod owner, quickly disappears as it’s invaded by the masses. Every day hundreds, thousands of new weblogs are created and millions are updated.

I’m certainly one of those masses, joining the party late. I’m still amazed that no one I know seems to be aware of this global phenomenon.

Back to the Guardian weblog. What caught my eye was a week-old post, that Countdown has been renewed by Channel 4 for another 5 years. Truly, it’s a wonderous program, the first to be shown on Channel 4, and continues to be as fantastic as ever. Even now that the presenters have become celebrities, they continue with the tradition. I remember watching the first Countdown and whenever I’m back in the UK I try to watch it. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it, it’s so simple yet intelligent, that’s a sure sign of good programming.

The second funny tidbit about this particular post is that the Guardian links to the story on the Independent. Perhaps because the Guardian missed on the story? Or trying (too hard?) to look and feel like any old weblog.

I like the Guardian’s weblog, they’ve been at it for 3 years, so they must be doing something right. I just wished the Independent had one too, sigh. I’ve been disappointed with the Indy recently, with the change to tabloid format and a boring website ā€” you have to type in the www, just typing http://independent.co.uk doesn’t work, in this day and age it’s not acceptable ā€” it’s not the Indy I used to be fanatically loyal to.