century club

Officially this is entry #100 here on quiet thoughts, although on the database it’s probably something like #341. It’s small potato compared with the weblogs out there that’s been around for ages.

But to show the power of this all, I’m posting this inside the Silver Kris lounge in Singapore airport, having just gorged myself with fried rice, chicken nuggets, soda water and a pretty ordinary tasting brandy. They don’t have enough terminals so I kept watching until someone finished. I have about an hour till the plane departs so what better use of my time?

Reflecting on why am I doing this, the weblog, the website? To make my mark in the world may be. Like most people I have a collection of thoughts, photos, travel stories and stuff that makes up … me. Usually they get lost cos I forget them quickly. I won’t be around forever, so perhaps this is an attempt to have something of mine that has a chance of outlasting me, I dunno.

I don’t know precisely, apart from that I enjoy it all, the html learning, the redesign, setting up the weblog, and I can’t imagine giving it up now.

One of the reasons is to rediscover myself. I find that as I grow older I’m becoming more and more uncaring, detached and indifferent; my motto has become I don’t care. Or on a more expressive day, I don’t fucking care. I have emotions but none are on any grand scale, be it grief, sadness, anger, love. Nothing burn in flames anymore, the intensity has all but disappeared.

The hope is by being disciplined and writing down my thoughts I might learn about the art of feeling again, if I don’t record my thoughts I might end up losing them.