rain, seafood, beach

Saturday was a dreary, miserable excuse of a day. Grey and drizzly. Didn’t go out till around 11am. Walked down George Street to Chinatown and the Paddy’s Market at Haymarket. Interesting, mostly clothes, bric-a-brac and a very nice fruit market at the back. So tempting. I wish I could buy more than the small bag of cherries and yogurt raison that I got. Also bought a couple of plastic bag holders, Aussie style.

Lunch was at the fish market, a short light rail ride away. Ticket was a bit expensive though, $5.20 return for just 3 stops. I had half a grilled lobster with chips and salad ($16.50), a dozen Australia rock oysters ($12). Pretty crowded, and even though it was raining people were sitting outside under the scant cover of not-large-enough umbrellas. After lunch and walking around the fish stalls I had a kinda brainwave. Seafood for lunch, why not seafood for dinner. Bought a bluewater crab (cooked) and 1/2 kilo tiger prawns.

Same train back to Haymarket and it was still raining. Walked a few blocks to Woolworths supermarket, yogurt, strawberries and some biscuits for the girls in the office, before heading back to the hotel. So nice in the room I didn’t want to go out. But relented and went out to Darling Harbour, walked round for an hour or so in the rain. Took the monorail back to the hotel and had the crab. Monorail was expensive too, $3 per ride.

Sunday my friend sherlock and gf picked me up from the hotel and we drove to Cronulla for lunch at a deli kinda place. Reminds me of small cafés behind Harrods. Sandwiches, salads, soups and stuff. One whole display cabinet full of desserts, brownies, cheesecakes, lemon pie. Too much food lately, so I just had pumpkin soup and a little bit of pasta salad. The bread that came with the soup was good.

Was full. Luckily the day was fine. Walked along the beach after lunch. The longest beach in the area, I read somewhere. Real sand. Surfers. Beautiful. After Cronulla we drove to Bondi. More sand. More waves. More beauty, even saw the sunset. For the first time in weeks, I’m not feeling the pollution and I can breath easier.


Back into the city for a drink and Thai dinner. Yes, at the back of my mind I was missing mm, but it was nice to have company for a day. Occasionally one needs the some human contact.