early closing

It gets dark early here, by 5.30 it was all dark. Left the office around 6.30, like usual. And was amazed to find everything was closed. 3 of the 4 doors in the building office was closed, all shops, even 2/3 of the stalls at the food court were closed. Wow. It’s worse than London.

Found a supermarket between the office and hotel. Bought, wait, roast chicken and bread. Yeah. Boring. So, what’s the difference between the roast chickens from Carrefour in Singapore and Coles in Sydney? Taste. Carrefour chicken is more spicy and the Coles chicken more plain. But, the Coles chicken has stuffiing. Haven’t had stuffing for ages. Yums.

Enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Yeah, I’m on a business trip and I’m, um, bringing my own lunch in, like usual. Square much.