no kids allowed

The exhibition at Fox Studios was the Health, sexuality & lifestyle show, or sexpo for short. Selling point, “Lighten up, sex is fun” and “Size does matter”.

The stalls ranged from the more innocent jewelry, food, T-shirts, aromatherapy products, cosmetics and spa pools. Increasing in nature to adult parties, massage, websites, lingerie, temporary tattoo.

The meaty stuff like vibrators, pumps, toys, raunchy models, books, videos. New products like glass dildos, intricate designs, looked hand blown. The most interesting, but I didn’t get close enough to look, was a pussy shaver. O-kay.

The most hardcore was of course the fetish stalls. In a way they were quite crowded, I guess most people won’t want to go into a fetish store ordinarily and wanted to take the opportunity. Very interesting, masks, leather clothing, whips, belts, cuffs. Even a swing. May be I’ve been reading too much mistress & kitten smut recently but they were pretty familiar. Yikes. I was even tempted to buy a riding crop, discounted to AUD15. But no, we’re not ready.

I did buy a show bag from one of the stalls, a mish-mash of goodies. Playboy poster, naked model playing cards, rude cap, swearing dartboard, handcuffs, vibrator, dvd, hustler magazine. $20. To be honest, a bit lame, but I was bowled over by the fun factor. And the thought that I bought something.

Most of what was available and on show were really quite tame. No naughty bits. Nothing hardcore. Even the fetish stall was a bit matter-of-fact. But the general atmosphere was that of normality with just a bit of fun, which was good. Why place such a taboo on the whole subject of sex? Most people are either doing it, or wish they were. Why the stigma? Why be all avoidy? Yeah, what am I saying, I have such a big hangup over it, i can’t talk about it with anyone.

So what were my motives for going? Simply, it was there. I’m in the city. I can go alone and not tell anyone or fear bumping into anybody. Complete anonymity. Perfect. Admit it, where else would I ever get another chance?

At the back of my mind I was looking for something that might help with our current situation. Something. Anything. But I didn’t find anything. Well, there were a lot of toys and ideas, but I don’t think a piece of equipment is going to balance out the differences in our respective desire level, it’s more serious than that and I still can’t figure out how we’re gonna come out of this.

Lack of intimacy is one of the reasons people break up. I’m not going down that route. I think we both have issues that we have to bring out to the open. But neither of us are ready for that yet.