Sydney saturday

I booked a manual car, but they gave me an auto. Just as well, more comfortable. Still can’t believe how small the city is, it takes no time to go from one place to another.

Went to Haymarket to go to the market to pick up some souvenirs. Quite difficult to find a space, went round the block without getting a space. Of course, I didn’t know where to look for a space, not like the familiarity of London. Decided to go again one last time and then give up if no space. Lo and behold, a space turns up. No surprise.

Lunch at the fish market again. Unlike last week the sun was out full blast and it was really pleasant. Same menu, oysters, lobster and salad. If it’s nice why change. Had a light beer cos I’m driving. Quite crowded, had to share the outside table with a Korean? Taiwanese? family. At another table these 2 girls were being attacked by seagulls who were after their chips. The stupid birds get far too aggressive, have to constantly chase them away.

Drove back to the city to visit Paddington Market. Was lucky with parking this time, found a space on a side road off Oxford Street. Market is full of the usual jewelry, clothing, books, gifts and stuff. Didn’t buy anything, the most tempting stall was of refurbished wood mirrors and frames, really pretty. But of course too heavy to carry. Sigh.

Continued driving through to Rose Bay and Watson’s Bay and the Gap, the entrance to Sydney Harbour. Spectacular cliffs and beautiful scenery. You could tell you’re coming to something pretty when you see a lighthouse on your right and then the road curves down and you can see the cliffs. From one side of the bay there’s a nice walk to the other side, but I just parked at one end, walked a little bit around, drove to the other end and walked around too.

watson's bay cliff

The other side of the peninsular is a more sedate park and beach combination. A couple of restaurants, a pier, kids playing, a swimming area. Very pretty.

On my way back, stopped at Moore Park and Fox Studios. There was an exhibition there, but that’s the private entry.