go south, little one

NSW bank holiday today, so I have an unexpected day off. Still had the car. But even as I woke up I didn’t really know where I should go.

Went north yesterday, and I’ve been west to the Blue Mountains before. So it leaves south. So I drove down to the south coast, without much idea of where exactly I’d end up, and with no proper map either :)!


Beautiful day, few cars, perfect for driving. By lunch time I ended up in Wollongong. The sounds of the ocean from the waves coming into the city beach could be heard from the car park. Very fine sand dunes and a strong surf. Very impressive. A bit further up is the harbour, with a beautiful lightbouse and small boat shelter. Had fish and chips again, this restaurant not as nice as the one at Port Stephens, a much longer wait and batter that was too thick. Congregation of seagulls outside by the tables again. Lots of people got swamped. And during one of the flybys, one of them snatched a calamari ring from my fingertips without me realising! Got a bit paranoid after that and finished eating very quickly.


About half an hour from Wollongong was Kiama, a quaint-ish small seaside town. Most famous for the Blowhole, a gap in the rocks where waves crash up. The tide wasn’t so strong so the jet wasn’t that high, but the views along the coast were fabulous as usual.

Drove up to the lookout point at Saddlepoint Mountain, only 10 minutes away. By that time the sun was hiding behind clouds and it was getting dark, so it was a kinda wasted trip. It was really deserted up there, a bit eerie.

Weather changed dramatically on the drive back, for a whole hour or may be even more it rained very hard, the road didn’t have lights, there were lots of cars and I was in a hurry. Man I needed all the adrenalin and experience I could muster on that drive back to Sydney.