long way home

I should be real at home on a plane, long or short flight, by now. But my back was in pain and I was in a lot of discomfort for the whole flight, my knee wasn’t happy, my shoulders weren’t happy and I was restless. Even though the seats reclined pretty fully to a horizontal position.

Watched 3 films — 13 going on 30, Laws of Attraction and The Prince & me. Also watched Nigella Lawson and a program on Gordon Ramsay’s crew taking over the restaurant at the Connaught. That’s a lot to watch and my eyes joined the rest of my creaky body at being super tired.

It all melted away when I got home and mm was waiting up for me. I called the minute I got off, we chatted while I was walking to the shuttle, while on the shuttle and we only hung up when I got to Immigration. I unpacked, laid out the souvenirs for her to pick, and by the time I showered and was ready for bed it was 1am.