well seated

For 27 years the Concorde whisked passengers “faster than the sun” across the Atlantic, bringing them to New York even before their departure time from London.

After the last commercial flight on 24 October 2003, the fleet retired to various museums, mainly in the UK. But 500 seats have been removed and are now being restored and offered for sale as executive seating. Each will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity plus a discrete engraved plaque on the seat itself to signify its exclusivity.

Price for this piece of aviation memorabilia? USD10,000 (plus tax), GBP5,000(plus vat) or EUR7,500. On a first come first served basis at concordeseats.com.

There were 100 seats on board each Concorde, and the most sought after was seat 1A, which served all types of celebrity and royalty. Only 5 1A seats are being offered, at double the price.

Check out the website, there’s a neat little flash animation that rotates the chair.

All this for a chair. And here I am, trying to decide whether to splash out $600 on a Herman Miller. Hmmm.