clean tent

Received a promotion postcard for a new hotel in Bali called Uma Ubud. Strange cos I’ve never been to Bali and I don’t know where they got my address from, the postcard had a Thailand stamp on it. According to the spiel, Uma is “a retreat devoted to the body and spiritual wellbeing.” Special introductory rate of USD145++ including breakfast until 18 December.

Usually for these sort of promotions you’d expect a beautiful view of the beach or a shot of the luxurious king size bed, no? No. Their selling point, a black bathtub in what is obviously a spacious and modern bathroom. Very swanky. But it leaves me cold. What spoils it for me is the tub is shrouded by a, what? mosquito net? I mean, you need a mosquito net to take a bath? How infested are we talking about? Isn’t there air-conditioning?

Don’t tell me it’s asthetics. I do not want to take my luxurious bath under a tent made of icky material. I know it’s supposed to be stylish and modern and all. I don’t like it. I’m not sold. See for yourself.

uma bali hotel