She’s right, I am restless. I was short with her, I’m impatient and inconsiderate.

I’ve stopped trying to psychoanalyze myself so I don’t really know what brought the state on. All I know is I’m even less interested in anything than normal which means I have this consistent nagging at the back of my mind that I need to be doing something else. Like, anything else.

We watched Collateral yesterday. It’s ok, not fabulous but not as superficial as I expected. There seems to be some philosophical messages trying their best to get through. But it doesn’t delve deep enough and, by the way, a film about a professional assassin isn’t the right vehicle for philosphical life and death discussions.

It’s a Michael Mann effort afterall, so the film looks good and has the pre-requesite moody bits. The metallic look, as I found out, is because it was shot almost entirely in digital video.

For some reason, I felt a touch of Into the Night, or even After Hours, but that could be just me. Tom Cruise does ok as a bad guy, but his trying to look like Richard Gere falls short of distinguished. Jamie Foxx as the cab driver was way better and makes a more sympathetic character.

The end was predictable though and a little anti-climatic but I’m a sucker for stories that just end, I don’t need big finales or exposition endings.