well designed case

When I first got my iPod it was a rarity. A much coveted rarity for those in the know, but it wasn’t for general consumption. It was the version with the touch wheel and the control buttons neatly positioned next to the wheel, much more intuitive than the later versions where the buttons sat above the wheel.

At that stage the Windows version had just came out.

Since then the iPod has become the accessory of choice. Apple sells more iPods than Macs now.

On the one hand I’m glad it’s so popular, on the other, it takes away the exclusivity feeling that us long term Apple supporters have enjoyed. I mean Apple = cool = exclusive. It’s like any riff-raff can claim to own an Apple product nowadays.

Anyway even the designers have jumped on the bandwagon and there are so many cases available. This pretty spread from city magazine via gizmodo. I like the black leather one (hint hint …).

iPod cases