my other obsession

I was looking at my shelf and I realize I’ve had the Buffy season 7 DVDs for a few weeks but haven’t even started. I don’t want to. When the credits for Chosen roll, that’s it. The end. No more. I can’t bear the thought. I know the series ended more than a year ago. I’m still in Egypt.

So it sits there unattended. I go back and watch S1-6 (well, up to Seeing Red anyway), don’t know how many times. My favourite season, a toss-up between 2 and 3. S2 was brilliant, how can you top Surprise, Innocence, Passion and Becoming? Then again it had Inca Mummy Girl and Reptile Boy. When it was good it was genius, when it was bad, not so good.

S3 was more consistent, I don’t think there was a dud between Band Candy and Graduation Day. Earshot, if I have to name one not-as-good ep. I mean, in S3 we get the Wishverse. Gasp. Tough Buffy. Vamp Xander. Vamp Will. Hot Vamp Will. Hot Vamp Will and Fluffy Will in the same room. Nuff said.

S4 was pretty much downhill, luckily it picked up a bit after the piece of heaven that was Hush. And the kitten in me will always treasure the early witchy duo days. The soda machine, the big O spell, the extra flamey candle. I was watching Wild at Heart yesterday and boy do they pull on our heart’s strings. We have Chipped Spike, but at least he wasn’t centre stage, I can barely tolerate that. But we also have Boy Scout Adam and Surgeon General Riley, yeah right.

S5. Blah. Dawn is the Key, yawn. Glory, she’s our big bad? Wait, Ben is Glory? Still, we had The Body and The Gift. Death should have been Joss’ gift to the Buffyverse. We could have ended on a high note with Episode 100.

Instead we got Marti’s Season Sux. Would I rather not have the musical but a more even season? Much as I adore OMWF I would willingly sacrifice it for not having all those in-between eps where I can’t remember their name let alone their order. And definitely if I’m spared shirtless Spike. Spike, yuck, period. I watch the first 30 minutes of SR, cos I’m a sucker for the warm fuzzy feeling of 2 people making up. But I get to Spike entering the bathroom and I stop. I can’t watch anymore. The gunshot that is ridiculously illogical and Willow going crazy is something I can’t face either.

So I’m left with Season Sux Even More (™ someone else). General Buffy. Hokay. Nameless SITs, look, I started watching Buffy, the vampire slayer. When the chosen one became the chosen two it was interesting cos of the way they did it. Kendra is all by the book and Faith so full of charisma. But all these stupid SITs? Kennedy? Gimme a break.

writing the content

I haven’t abandoned updating shiny parts, it’s just that I haven’t done anything major to the site lately and definitely nothing technical. Mostly it’s been updating quiet thoughts and pizzaorme.

The last few days I’ve done a fair bit of writing on hidden doors, now I’ve got 4 published stories all ongoing, one in draft form, and at least 2 in my brain waiting to be written.

I’m building content.