booking travel

I’ve kept bank accounts and credit cards in all the countries I’ve lived in, the reason I give myself is so that I can have access to cash through ATMs should I visit. Now, I’m doubly glad, reading about the idiocy of british airways is. They won’t sell you a ticket over the web if you don’t have a credit card billed to the country you are flying from.

You can buy over the phone (4x the price) or via an agent (2x the price) but you get ripped off.

It’s not the first time, friend of mine tried to order something through the Disney catalog in the US only to run into a similar problem cos her credit card billing address is in a different country as where she wants the stuff to be delivered to.

It’s a well known fact, a roundtrip ticket on BA from London is cheaper than the one way. So, London to Zurich for a week can be as cheap as £92 return, yet one way it’s £386. I mean, what? How idiotic.

I have total trust booking my flights through swiss or cx websites, but that’s about it. Don’t trust at all.