exploring the new

Usually in a new country the language is new, but in asia and some of europe it’s possible to make out some of the words. The Korean language is nothing like the western alphabet, so I’d see shop signs and will have absolutely no idea what kind of a shop it is. Feels a little bit disorientated.

But I walk on nonetheless.

First was a visit to the Deoksugung Palace. W1,000 entrance to see a handful of empty palace buildings. Still in very good condition and very peaceful, quite a good way to spend an hour or so. Took a picture for a couple of girls on a disposable camera, filed it away as a potential story idea.

Walked south toward the Namdaemun (south gate) and the big market next to it. So much available, from food to clothing to everyday items. Fresh food, kimchi, dried fish, a whole alley of small restaurants. Leather jackets (oh, so tempting), a whole street of women’s clothing, shoes. Household items, stationery, even one stall that seemed to sell nothing but hangers.

Lunch was at stalls along the way. Some glutinous cake in spicy sauce, deep fried batter, small Japanese style skewers, energy drinks from the 7-11 type stores.

Back to hotel in the afternoon for a rest.

Dinner with my colleague at Myeongdong, which is almost a replica of Shinjuku in Tokyo, all narrow streets and bright neon lights and street stalls. Had bbq beef and pork, a glass of wine included. W41,000 for 2 persons. Walked around and had soft ice-cream, which they serve very tall — 32cm apparently.

Bought some small souvenirs of a prominent actor/idol (no clue who he is, but his face is everywhere, looks a bit like Harry Potter) for the girls at the service centre, next time I visit.

Tired now.