checking in

I’m in the CX lounge of Seoul’s Incheon airport. I realised that I’ve been in so many airports this year that I should start a category just on airports. Like how to get to and from the airport to the city, whether or not there’s public transportation, what’s the food and shopping situation like.

Like the worst, I mean totally worst airport has to be JFK. Separate terminals, no facilities, if you haven’t made arrangements or if no one is picking you up then god help you trying to get into NY.

The best airport for me would be one of the modern Asia airports. Hong Kong, Singapore, even where I am now, Incheon. Clean, efficient, easy access. Zurich’s good, compact, functional and how can you beat those fantastic trolleys that you can take on escalators. Heathrow’s too big, the walk to the Heathrow Express is too long, and having to haul your luggage down to the platform is a minus. The long wait for baggage is also a big downer.

I dunno. Just a thought.