bored staff

The guards at my building are ever so helpful. I come back from my trip with loads of luggage and the newest one helped me carry it up 2 sets of lifts and to my doorstep. I feel so embarassed, thinking, do I need to tip him?

I thank him profusely of course, but he then said, it’s alright there’s nothing much else to do, it gets boring. So I’m helping relieve his boredom.

I guess that’s right. There are always 2 of them at the front desk and all they do are open doors and go patrolling. Waiting for something, anything, to happen.

The lifeguards are even worst, they sit by the pool all day but have to stay alert. Most times the pool’s empty. They clean, hose, move the chairs about. Now that opening hours have been extended to 7am till 10pm I feel even more sorry for them.