me, my phone and not answering

They’re talking about not polling to cellphones. But really, people are ditching their landlines in droves nowadays.

Which is something I’ve thought about. I use the phone to make calls when I’m home but when it comes to incoming calls I adopt a mainly “leave me the hell alone” attitude. I only answer calls from numbers I recognise and even then I don’t answer if I don’t feel like it, I just let it ring and ring and ring. I gave away my answering machine ages ago.

This means I don’t have many calls and that suits me just fine thank you very much. So I can be left in peace when I’m home. I mean, you think, why am I being so difficult I don’t want to talk to you for a few minutes? Well, if 3 people think that, I have to spare 3 times the x minutes expected. And between that and cooking and eating dinner and taking a shower and powerbooking, that doesn’t leave me with any time for myself right? Right?

So anyway, I don’t need my home phone, I can get a cheap enough service with lots of minutes on my cellphone. So why don’t I take the step? May be soon.