obsessing about laundry

I fight a constant battle with having enough clean clothes. The washing machine is on all.the.time it seems.

May be cos I don’t have enough clothes? But that’s not true I have a large closet.
May be cos I only wear a small percentage of my entire clothing collection. Probably.
May be cos I wear something only once, when it’s taken off when I get home it goes straight to the basket, that includes times when I’m home but I’m due to go out again. Definitely.

I don’t like the smells my clothes accumulate outside, particularly in restaurants. The material just sucks up the food smell and doesn’t go away. Pretty gross.

Some clothes are not “allowed” to go outside, they are reserved for home wearing only, cos I don’t want to spoil them. Not because they’re expensive or anything, just too comfortable.

Whenever I travel I bring a ziploc bag full or washing powder and the bathroom rapidly becomes the airing cupboard.

Anyway I was especially pleased when I got a hotel room that includes 3 pieces of clothing laundered a day. So this morning I put my black polo shirt and a t-shirt in the little bag, filled in the slip and left it by the closet for laundry. And wow! They came back individually wrapped in plastic, ironed and with a cardboard backing. That’s the first time that little blue t-shirt has been ironed, like ever! It looks so good I don’t want to unwrap it.

I have enough for this trip, but I’m sure gonna use up my daily quota. Yes siree.