Episode 4-6

The DVD set is finally out (except I saw a set last weekend in one of those dodgy DVD/VCD shops, before the official launch, what’s up with that?). But I don’t have a great urge to go buy it, not cos of the price, but I’m reading people’s take on it and there’s a part of me that’s disappointed at the changes from the original version.

  • Han and Greedo’s blaster fight — they seem to fire at the same time, why even make that change?
  • Jabba appears
  • Naboo appears
  • Cosmetic changes to the Emperor’s hologram and the white face of Anakin just before he dies
  • Hayden Christiansen at the end of Jedi that’s really terrible

The 1977 version of Star Wars wasn’t perfect, looking back the effects were rather shabby. But it appealed to the imagination of whole generations. And is appreciated, warts and all. It’s a bit like airbrushing models. I’m sure the DVDs look really really good. All up-to-date CG effects and all. But does it mean that in, say 2 years time, when we have even better effects that it’s time to update?

Sometimes the fun of watching the original films is to appreciate what the filmmakers were able to do at that time, with the technology and resources available then.