europe trip 03: I made it!

For most people, there’s no better image of Switzerland than the Matterhorn. Its distinctive shape, the way it rises head and shoulder above Zermatt’s village and valley.

It’s my first time to visit. Yes, correct. For various reasons I never made it (time, lack of company, traffic), so this time round it’s the place I really really want to add to my visited list.

It’s a long drive from Zurich. We stopped at Interlaken for lunch — touristy, but we ate at a nice friendly place, my favorite kalbsleberli and rosti. Drove up and down a couple of unexpectedly steep passes, experienced the car-train at Kandersteg and finally reached Täsch, the closest a car can reach Zermatt.

Täsch is basically a road that is flanked by car parks and petrol stations, there doesn’t seem to be anything else. The underground car park next to the station was small and full of badly parked cars, we had minutes to spare to get the ticket and onto the train for the 15 min trip to Zermatt.

The train station was a bustle of activity — people, dogs, electric taxis. The tourist office had accommodation a plenty, for all classes. They gave us a computerised list of what’s available within our price range, we chose the one we liked, and there’s a special phone that links directly to the hotel for enquiries. It was done within 30 mins. Talk about efficiency.

The village map shows every single building together with its designated number. For instance the Hotel Bellerive, where we stayed, was something like #116. Can’t remember exact cost, around CHF180 for 2 I think. Modern bathroom, clean everything and a view of the Matterhorn on our balcony. What more can we ask for? There was a cloud that wouldn’t budge from the peak but it was still amazing.

At the end we didn’t visit the church but we walked past the neat and not scary at all cemetary many times. Window shopped on the main street and bought some drinks and snacks at the Coop. Dinner at the Café du Pont — more bratwurst and I had a beer.

Not too much to do after dinner, but we were tired, at least I was, cos I was out like a wink.