europe trip day 08: from the nice to a shock

So our flight was mid-afternoon, so we had the whole morning, as long as we set off for the flughafen at 1.30pm it was fine.

Time to give Zurich its turn. Didn’t drive, took the tram, first stop Globus, to look at the beautiful kitchen stuff. I told her that I could have anything, anything on that floor and I’d be so happy.

Then to another highlight — chocolate at Sprungli at Paradeplatz. Difficult to believe it was my first time, usually when I’m at Paradeplatz it was to get the tram home, not much thought of lingering and getting anything to drink. It was really fabulous. They so need to export their chocolate abroad.

Walked down to the lake and up the other side. Finally couldn’t resist the temptation to walk into a Navyboot at the Niederdorf. She bought a handbag of unstated quality, I drooled at the shoes.

And all of a sudden, we were back at our friends’ place hauling our suitcases down to the car. We were really leaving, and I’d never felt so sad. It was like leaving home. And a part of Zurich, will always always be home.

It was a shock to be in London. First of all, after a week of sunshine and clear skies we were faced with the usual British grot. Then Hertz gave us a Japanese station wagon which she didn’t want to drive (too big), finally we got our Focus but it was 3-door and I was too tired to argue anymore.

It was strange not to have a home or someone’s home to go to. We booked the Ibis hotel, out there near Docklands. But getting there was a big gigantic boring hassle. Huge traffic jam at Embankment, bumper to bumper till Liverpool Street. Then another solid mass out by Isle of Dogs, I had to do a U-turn and get into the Isle of Dogs itself. We didn’t know exactly which Ibis it was and of course, ended up at the wrong one. When we eventually found the right one it was quite late already. It was at ExCel, a new exhibition centre all the way near City Airport, totally in the middle of nowhere, not even a local high street to have dinner, we ended up eating at the hotel.

The room was clean but very basic. The bathroom was well designed though, the shower was small but with inwardly opening glass doors and wooden decking there was no squick factor. All bathrooms should be designed that way.