europe trip day 09: things change

She wanted to go househunting and I’d sort of promised. But we woke up and it was a rare sunny day and I didn’t feel like spending it in strangers’ houses. So I asked if we could go to Whitstable instead and of course she agreed. She could never resist me.

The advantage of living in East London is, we were so close to the A2. No need to trek all the way across town, now with congestion charge. And sooner than normal, we were there.

It’s so strange that we discovered Whistable only when we’d left the UK. Before, we headed straight for Margate, at most stopping at Canterbury. How many seafood lunches misssed? And seafood we had, a very nice fish pie, very fresh oysters, a rather disappointing hot mixed seafood main course, and a totally great lemonn tart. I had a traditional beer, she had an English white (pretty decent, surprisingly).

We walked around the town centre a bit, visited the small shops. She bought a pair of shoes and we bought some sweets from a traditional by-the-jar sweet shop.

Half an hour to Margate and boy has it changed. We were disappointed at how run down it’d become, the amusement arcades not offering much anymore. We did the rounds, then headed back.

Went to Sainsbury’s and bought salad, bread, eggs, ham. Pizzahut for a small pizza. That was our dinner, at the hotel room, cozy and happy. I was still missing Zurich and was still waiting for the “home” feeling to come back.