europe trip day 12: a very lonely day

She spent the day meeting her mentor. I drove her out to his hotel near Harrods, dropped her off reluctantly, then headed my own way to the West End. Parked at a side street off Hanover Square, seriously debated whether to get a haircut, then had lunch of lamb & apricot pie and a pint of ale at the Woodstock. So windy it was difficult to sit outside and read the papers, but I didn’t want to sit inside.

Walked all along Oxford Street, contemplated esayinternet for a long while, settled for HMV. Headed down Regent’s Street and ended up at Carnaby Street. With my iPod and funny mood and conversations with shop assistants I came up with an outline for a story. Kept turning it round and round in my head, yes it could work.

The usual haunts, Covent Garden, Chinatown. Spent over an hour at Forbidden Planet, at its bigger and better premises at Shaftesbury Avenue. Read so many new books, discovered Watcher’s Guide vol 3 is out, Tales of the Slayer vol 4 is coming out 1 Nov, almost bought a bunch of on discount BtVS comics.

Time to head back, we’d arranged to meet outside the hotel at 6pm, so I got there 15 minutes early. Went up to Harvey Nichol’s foodcourt so that 15 mins would pass quicker. Then stood at the hotel entrance slowly getting colder and colder. Started to get really annoyed. If anyone asked me what I hate, it’s people who are habitually late. I can forgive once or twice because of traffic or what not, but I don’t know how many hours and days I’ve simply wasted, standing at tube stations, at bus stops, in the lobby of office buildings (I’m now an expert at godiva chocolate and calvin klein underwear), time that was forever lost, what price can I place on that?

I went back to the car and called with a curt message. I’m not sorry for the tone, nor am I sorry for hanging up abruptly. There’s only so much I have patience for.

I called our friend and told her we’d be late. Leaving me waiting, that’s one thing. Leaving other people waiting, I have no words.

Anyway the long and short of it was, I was in a foul mood when she finally turned up. I know she has a good reason, but part of me thinks, am I not also a good reason?

We drove up to our friend’s place and had curry at this local place that had very bad service. What a palaver.

So not, that wasn’t the best day of my life.