europe trip day 14: our last day

So that’s 2 weeks. It’s not long enough I tell ya.

Our last full day. But we were stuck cos she was “on-call”, ready to disappear at a moment’s notice, cos of her mentor and her work and her case. I should be supportive, I try my best to be supportive, I want to be supportive. But, but, it’s my holiday too. Sigh.

So we had to be reasonably accessible to central London. That ruled out Brighton, which we’d talked about going. Or anywhere out of the way like Bluewater. Or Southend.

So we ended up at Brent Cross. Oh let’s hear it for good old reliable Brent Cross. I had salt beef sandwich (what happened to going to Brick Lane?), we hung around Smith’s reading books, and that was our day.

Dinner back at the delicious Turkish place at Primrose Hill.

At the end she didn’t get her phone call. But that was too late.