coffee moods

I finished writing Coffee Moods, it’s over at hidden doors. It’s not the first fic I started but it’s the first one I’ve finished.

At only 2,300 words it’s a baby. Just thoughts in a coffee shop.

Before we went away I was writing this vamp fic set in the future, I was doing ok, slow steady progress — 1,000 words each update, like 10 days to 2 weeks. It’s kinda difficult, I mean how will the world look like in 150 years’ time, what will the demon population be like, are there slayers, do I follow Chosen, do I follow Fray, questions questions.

Anyhow it was that Sunday in London when I was on my own, being marginally depressed and isolating myself within my iPod. Then the shop assistants in the gift shop at Carnaby kept talking to me, but not in the annoying way shop assistants usually do, and I felt a kind of, I dunno, I really don’t know.

And when I went outside I was suddenly hit with this idea, of having a T who is still shy and insecure being noticed by other people while on her own. To have her think about her relationship again.

Originally I wanted more insecurity, more doubts, may be even trouble on the horizon. But I want to post it eventually and I have to comply with the rules so it’s not so fat ot.

Started actually writing it in my head in London, but really writing the words was on Friday. And it’s finished in 4 days. I should be happy about it.