don’t tell the IT department

Was discussing about info sharing with a colleague, the IT dept gave us a website of a project management software but when I looked at it, it was just glorified Outlook. Not what we wanted.

So what did I do? I paid $45 myself for another website, which my colleague named. So was born.

What I had in mind was of course another weblog. But as others have demonstrated, weblog software are much much more than just blogs, they’re very valuable content management systems. And so they are.

With my newest obsession with wordpress, that’s how I built it in. I need to learn more about php but I managed the install fine, put in a few sample entries, went to Alex King’s to get a new style, tweaked the style and hey presto, a spanking new website.

The splash page image is from one of my Masai Mara pictures (one of the random dozen on invisiblecompany), filtered through a crayon filter in Photoshop. The quote I got from my Penguin quotations dictionary.

I still have to do the .htpasswrd file, and to figure out how to display post dated entries, but the skeleton is here.

Should I be proud? Should I?