easy does it

Saturdays normally are quiet days in terms of weblogging.

We were real sleepy but she had to go to work, so little me slept on. Went to the supermarket and bought a whole lot of stuff, then went back home to sit in front of the powerbook.

She finished working mid-afternoon and we took a bus ride out. Walked round the crowded crowded place.

Dinner at a new place that served stonegrilled food. They served the food (I had sirloin, she had sirloin & lamb chop) on a piece of rock that’s supposed to be 400C. We took it out and cooked it bit by bit so it wasn’t too welldone.

Fun way of cooking, the only complaint was the meat was too trimmed so didn’t have enough flavour. Otherwise, not too expensive and definitely worth trying again.

She wanted to go to the fortune teller, even though it was quite late (but they opened late), so we took the train and bus. It’s the one where a bird picks a card and the fortune teller would interpret based on the question asked.

Afterwards we had some dessert, by the time we got home it was past midnight and into Halloween night.