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From the Independent.

Hedonism: Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure; the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life.

In his new book The Hedonism Handbook: Mastering the Lost Arts of Leisure, author Michael Flocker says that the modern human has become so overworked, so boring, that they’ve lost the ability to find their own fun, that they need instructions to how to have fun.

“The world is a stressed-out place. [People] are all afraid they’re going to miss something. They work 12-hour days, then they work out on treatmills. Their whole rationale goes like this: if I lose 10 pounds, I’ll be happy. If I have $100,000 more I’ll be happy. And it doesn’t work.”

There has been a movement for people to gradually reassess what is important in their lives. Working insane hours, only to go home to sit in front of the TV with chips all over the belly is not fun, though that’s what most people know as fun nowadays.

Going on a binge Friday night, paying through the nose for cover charge then getting totally boozed, drugged and sexed out, is that really fun? Or merely what people think fun should be? If that is fun, then why have surveys showed that there hasn’t been any rise in happiness in the past 30 years.

Cultivate true pleasure. Oh yes. So how.

First step, turn off the phone, the blackberry, the email, all the communications that we’re a slave to nowadays. Then deschedule the day, relax, eat slow.

What? I can preach as well as the next person. But I do ignore my phone and I find my own fun. I’d like to think I’m a better hedonist than the rest.