sort order

In the writing sections the chapters are titled, for want of something original, Part 1, Part 2 etc. In the category and individual archives these entries are sorted by title, in ascending order.

<MTEntries sort_by=”title” sort_order=”ascend”>

When I reached Part 10, I saved and rebuilt as normal, but initially I couldn’t find the Part 10. Then I looked more closely and found out it was stuck between Part 1 and Part 2. Huh?

So I had to rename all the early parts Part 01, Part 02 etc. Not only within the MT interface, but in the control panel too, cos the individual pages got renamed from like 000488part_1.php to 000488part_01.php and I had to physically delete the old files.

Not so pretty but nothing too displeasing either. Strange how logic works, in human minds, 10 doesn’t come between 1 and 2 but obviously not so in the world of bytes and bits.