comment spam

When I first set up bullko, I got hit by the stupid poker guy comment spam, where seemingly profound but basically useless comments were left on every single entry, with a link to his website of course. A quick visit to the wordpress support forums yielded a couple of preventative measures.

Do this for all wp powered sites.


Like mt-blacklist this is a plug-in that is copied and pasted into wp config. Last updated 21 Sept 2004, I just downloaded it. I’m not sure if it’s as good as mt-blacklist (I mean, Jay Allen, wow) but someone has obviously made a huge effort so kudos.

comments file
First I renamed wp-comments-post.php to wp-stopcmts.php. The name doesn’t matter, it can be a random jumble of letters like asdfasd.php.

Then I renamed occurences of wp-comments-post.php in the other comments files to the new name. Apparently this is called in 3 files, so I went in and made the changes:

  • wp-comments.php
  • wp-comments-popup.php
  • wp-comments-reply.php

Boy I hate spammers.