nanowrimo day 7

It was a hard slog today. The ideas I had before had all been written up and slightly padded. I knew what was coming and the direction of how wanted to story to end, but I was at 33,000 words this morning and the climax can’t start till at least 40,000, preferably 45,000. I knew I had another 2,000 to finish off for Part 7 but I was very stumped for Part 8.

At the end Part 7 was short which made Part 8 even more difficult.

Anyway, Part 8’s done now. I’m not finished for the night but I thought I’d check-in now. Hopefully I can manage another late 1,000. That’ll be great for the home stretch tomorrow.

42,173 words.

Edited at 1.39am: it’s now 2 hours later and it’s at 43,177 words. Not very good huh.