nanowrimo day 8

It’s finished. I don’t have any more scenes to write. I had to really stretch the last part.

I kind of massaged my submission. Changed words like “I’m” to “I am” to help with the word count. Is that cheating? Grey area, I guess.

According to the MT word count it’s 49,037 words.

But that’s for entries only. Counting the find-and-replaces, the title, the intro, the chapter titles and chapter summaries it’s 50,078 words.

word count 50078

Saved into Word, and did some “encryption” as recommended by the nano folks, using the replace function again. Word count is not affected but the words are not that recognisable.

  1. a = bb
  2. r = h
  3. you = zxbq
  4. th = pem
  5. en = d
  6. l = k
  7. o = cha
  8. s = ge