nanowrimo dares

Dares claimed and used:

  1. Mr Ian Woon. Done. Part 3. He was the bank manager who approved the small business loan that Katy and Fatima needed to buy their bookstore.
  2. Include the line “Mummy did love me! Mummy was just busy. She had a lot of meetings to go to.” Done. Part 3. Fatima’s mother said something similar when she barged into the store demanding money.
  3. One character asks what time is it and the other answers 4.30. Done. Part 3. In the dream sequence at the railway station Katy asked Brian what time it was twice and both times it was 4.30.
  4. A stone armadillo painted bright pink, except for its head, which was purple. Done. Part 3. Same dream sequence had an angel stroking said stone armadillo on her lap.
  5. A religious object falls on a character and after they discover what it is they say “holy shit”. Done. Part 3. A jeweled crucifix fell on Katy and she wonders why an object from the vampire section was hiding among the lightsabers.
  6. A character puts a bag of popcorn upside-down in the microwave, the popcorn then explodes. Done. Part 4. Brian did that one movie night.
  7. Have a character pass out after eating an apple. Done. Part 4. Mei Lan’s date at the bookstore party did that, but we only heard the incident mentioned afterwards.
  8. Refer to something coming upon your character “like a mugger in Central Park, up from behind and scary as hell.” Done. Part 4. Party animal Mei Lan used it to describe her burgeoning feelings for another character.
  9. Include a completely awkward love/seduction scene. Done. Part 4. She had a one time thing with a co-worker, it was awkward, embarassing and unintended. She never told Brian that she cheated on him.
  10. Warm onion, another nanowrimo anagram. Done. Part 5. The appetizer at the dinner party was warm onion tart.
  11. Incorporate whatever image is on your calendar for the month of November somewhere in your novel. Done. Part 5. My Good Food calendar has a recipe for Portugese Roast Pork with sweet sour vegetables, which was the main course for the same dinner party.
  12. Refer to your favorite novel at least three times. My favorite novel is probably The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway, but my second favorite is Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero which was the one I used:
    • Part 5. The warm onion tart had milk, cream and cheese filling, but she knew she could not skimp on the milk or cream, using dairy that had less than zero percent fat content made the mixture curdle.
    • Part 7. It was a rainy day and there was a less than zero chance of sunshine that day.
    • Part 8. How do you measure temperatures less than zero?
  13. Have a previously unmentioned fire extinguisher randomly go off. Done. Part 5. In the gods and robots waiting room.
  14. What two male penguins do together is their business. Done. Part 5. As discussed by the gods and robots.
  15. Include the God of Death (Thanatos) in your story somewhere. Done. Part 5. Thanatos and his twin Hypnos were part of the gods and robots questioning squad.
  16. It’s against my programming to impersonate a deity. Done. Part 5. Maria the Robot from Metropolis Fritz Lang Nineteen Twenty Seven was the robots’ rep in the gods and robots goon squad.
  17. Have a dark and forbidding character say “come to the dark side, we have cookies.”Done. Part 6. At the con. “No one wants to be a white hat anymore, that’s so out. Come to the dark side, we’re way cooler, we can do what we want, we can control the universe, most of all, we have cookies,” her friend the Gentleman used this to entice her to volunteer to be made up as a demon.
  18. Start one of your chapters (or the entire book) with: “On every other morning, the sun rose serenely in the east, casting glorious rays of light over xxx. Today, it thought better of it and decided to sleep in.” Done. Part 7.
  19. Include a recipe for chocolate cake in your novel. It may be a separate chapter, but it should preferably just randomly appear in the middle of the story, then the story continues as if the recipe wasn’t interrupting it. Done. Part 8. Kinda. She decided to have a weekend cake sale at the bookstore and made half a dozen chocolate cakes.
  20. Include the fact that the word ‘hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia’ means ‘the fear of long words’. Done. Part 8. In the letter about how there is not a big enough word to describe how she missed him.
  21. I couldn’t find you to tell you where I was. Done. Part 8. Katy wrote it in her letter to Brian.
  22. “If you stick that thing in me one more time I swear to God I’ll break it in half!” It can mean whatever you want. Done. Part 9. Daria’s tale.
  23. 3 references to a cup of oversteeped tea. Only managed it once, in Part 4. When Mei Lan commented that a cup of oversteeped tea was like a cup of poison.

Dares I thought I could use but didn’t:

  • Have someone say, “You just got salt in my ear, you bitch!” in public.
  • Refer indirectly to nanowrimo and the 50,000 word count. i.e. have someone trying to do 50,000 of something in a month
  • Have a scene revolve around the dilemma of grass being green and whether or not the color is a matter of perception
  • Mention a helicopter passing over head at odd moments.
  • Include line “Where the hell are your pants?”
  • Make a character dance on a table. Bonus if they do it in a very suggestive manner. Double bonus if they are completely sober at the time.
  • Have someone get their nipple pierced for no apparent reason.
  • Have a character who interrupts normal question to ask “I’m sorry, could you spell that please?” in at least two different conversations.
  • Use the line “Uphill, both ways,” and have it be true in context.
  • Include the sentence “The lamp just stood there, like an inanimate object.”
  • Name a chapter “Hair dye, Fake Nails, and a Fish.”
  • Include a female Betta fish named Agatha.
  • Have a character collect nail polish from the bargain bins at chemists and places like that. They must never let anyone else near their collection.
  • Mention how hard it is to cut your nails when they have nail polish on them.
  • Include the line “Running into trees is not sexy.” somewhere in your novel. Bonus points if the speaker is referring to a redhead running into a tree.
  • Include a person who does not know what a slinky is. Bonus points if s/he tries to guess and gets it completely wrong.
  • Have a math nerd (or, alternately, a non-math nerd for added fun) use the following pickup line: “are you a derivative function? because i want to be tangent to your curves.”
  • Have someone throw a blender at another character. Bonus points if they’re not in a kitchen at the time.
  • Have someone eat a piece of fruit that is not a banana in a sexual way.
  • Include an animal stampede through the busy streets of wherever your story is taking place.