life after

… I return to unfinished writings and half forgotten things to do. I’m on Page 4 of Blink and I don’t feel like doing editing. I wrote 3 paragraphs of Common Areas and I leave it alone.

What happened to getting 5,000 words a day? Nothing like pressure to force a bit of creativity and action, and nothing like no pressure to let things slide.

Showed Mum baby’s website, of all the family members, she’s the one most likely to get the technical aspects but when she asked about how it was made my inner geek laughed. Downloading wp is no problem for her but she might have problems configuring. And css is not easy, I guess she might end up being one of those people who use default templates.

Went to the gym for the first time in almost 2 weeks. It’s a thing.

I know I need to so cleaning and housework but it’s so difficult to find the motivation.

And it’s Friday tomorrow but mm has a function so for the first time in a long while I’m sleeping on my own on a Friday.

It’s a thing.