back and forth

Didn’t wake up till nearly noon, still with a headache, hayfever day as well, so not such a great start.

Met for a late lunch, then went to look at mobile phones. We bought our current one impulsively, and quickly discovered Motorolas are not for us, not evn this top end A760. So it’s back to Nokia. I like the new 7610, she has her eye on the O2 XDAII mini (well, it’s not a Nokia, but …). Just looking, didn’t buy it yet.

Met her friend and her friend’s friend to see another in the French film festival films, this one called Garçon. It’s okay, so-so. Light-hearted. Afterwards the 4 of us went to dinner. Her friend’s nice, her friend’s friend was a little weird, may be she was just shy.

We walked around after dinner, first together, then separately. Mucho crowded with Christmas shoppers. Had a late night dessert then bus back to her place.