nice sunny day

Woke up late as well, but today was such a nice sunny day.

Had lunch at home then took a bus to the beach, only 15 mins ride away, may be the driver was trying to be Schumacher, may be it really is that near.

But so nice. Walking along the sandy beach, watching the waves, other people flying kites, walking through the village and to the big houses. So pleasant. Atmosphere, surroundings and company of course.

Came back out to town, did some shopping and met her Mum for Thai dinner. 3 of us had a set dinner for 4! Satay, prawn cake, steamed fish, stir fried veg, curry crab, taro rice, dessert. The rice and curry sauce we doggie-bagged.

I bought 2 long strips of Christmas lights, cheap, non-flashing, plain. They’re now in the living room and I don’t need any lights. It seems like a little magic has decided to visit my place and leave something nice.

Nice is an overused word. But sometimes it describes feelings and days so aptly.