Depending on which site stats I look at, the website had either 100 or 190 visitors on 14 Dec, that’s the most it’s ever had. Now whether or not these visitors include search engines, spiders, links to my public images (eg the nano winner jpg I use as avatar), I don’t know. I’m thinking the 100 figure is for human visitors cos that’s what awstats claim they can do, and the 190 from Webalizer includes bots and non-humans.

A few of those “visitors” is me of course, cos highest on the list of external links in is the MT login, followed by the home page and I think I’m the only person who uses the homepage.

But, yay! I’ve had 60 clicks from Miss Elizabeth’s LJ already (thanks Miss E!). Wow, talk about a being shoved into the spotlight.

Do I want these visitors? I dunno. Time will tell. I just want to reiterate what I’ve said in the faq that no, I don’t want to tell people where I live or whether I’m a teenager or adult or even if I’m a real person at all.

Most people just want to be themselves and enjoy the internet experience in the privacy of their home or school or office, but there’re too many unscrupulous sorts out there who spoil everyone’s fun. I remember when I first set up my other websites on wordpress, I got hit by the stupid poker guy comment spam almost immediately and had to quickly learn how to do preventative measures. It was a good learning experience but I’m bitter that the reason I had to learn wasn’t because I wanted to, it’s because some jerk paid money to another jerk to waste people’s time and energy.

Anyway to those of you new here, which means everyone reading except the one person who reads this weblog regularly, welcome. This is my small private garden, but if you are able to find a little enjoyment here, then I’m glad.

Remember though, this is a quiet space for quiet thoughts only. šŸ™‚