Hong Kong

A view of the pool.

Ambivalence. I don’t like Hong Kong. Too crowded, too polluted, too materialistic, no emotional depth. Yet I find myself there again and again primarily due to personal reasons. So I’ll just have to make my own fun.

Most of the time I’m sitting at my desk looking out to the pool. There’s enough space between the podium and the fence to protect against noise. The windows are mirrored one way – I can see out, but people can’t see in. By day I watch the people swimming or sunbathing and by night I watch the illuminated buildings not so far away.

For Hong Kong standards it’s a decent sized place, the best feature is the big bedroom. There’s not a lot of space to put a dining table, especially since the new bookshelf is now in the space previously occupied by the shoerack.

There’s too much stuff lying around to take decent pictures. I’ll get round to it. Eventually.

rob road floorplan