pumpkin soup facets

I made pumpkin soup tonight, so when she comes over to my place after her lessons, it’ll all be ready for her enjoyment.

I’m supposed to sweat some onions then add the pumpkin and stock. But I didn’t want to trek all the way to the supermarket on the way from work and brave the Friday night crowds at the taxi stand, so I decided to forego the onion. I did put in 2 cloves of garlic though.

Then while the soup was bubbling away I idly surfed around for other recipes and came across one that added a chopped potato. Of course! It’ll give it texture. So I retrieve the one lonely potato sitting at the bottom of the fridge drawer, chopped it up real small and added it.

It makes a difference, gives thickness without being too stodgy. Just right.

Made garlic bread to go with the soup. Hmmmm.

In other, slightly related, matters, been thinking about how to structure the recipes, having converted most of d&f to MT yesterday. The only remaining large section not converted (either to php or to MT) is the food section, which I’ll take out of d&f altogether.

According to elise, who has a recipe site built using MT, the trick is to use faceted categorisation. There’s a lot of write-ups about it, including the infamous pixelcharmer method, Tim Appnel’s plugin, and others. But the real trick isn’t the technical part, it’s coming up with the facets themselves.

So I was standing in front of the whiteboard in my office this lunchtime trying to figure how to categorise recipes. This is a first pass, helpfully inspired by an article that tells how epicurious does it.

  • Personality: Type of dish – appetiser, soup, meat dish, side dish, pasta, salad, dessert, drink
  • Matter: Main ingredient – beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, shell fish, seafood, green vegetables, root vegetables, citrus fruit, berries, everyday fruit
  • Energy: Preparation method – roasted, grilled, boiled, cooked, stewed, no-cook
  • Space: Where – international, french, italian, chinese, asian, indian, vegetarian
  • Time: When – breakfast, main meal, dessert, teatime, party, snack

May be I don’t need all these facets, but it’s a start.

Looks like the recipe section still has a way to go …