Come Christmas, our thoughts inevitably turn to gadgets. We bought our current phone, the Motorola A760 about a year ago, thinking its PDA/camera function will be enough. But we’ve had a lot of problems with the phone, so we’re going back to Nokia.

We’ve already looked at many many shops, but she couldn’t decide. Finally we went to the Nokia shop and she bought the 6670, in silver/white. Contacts, calendar, 1 Megapixel camera, video, viewer for Word/Excel/Powerpoint, and the function that sold it to her over the prettier 7610, full screen picture on caller display. The salesperson was very patient and took his time in explaining and demonstrating the functions. He has a whole lot more patience than me, haha.

Me? I don’t want all these functions. I hardly use the calendar, all I need is to store phone numbers. And camera? I have the ixus for that, and if I’m thinking of getting a ixus 500, why bother about the phone? I wanted to get the white 7260, with its distinctive art deco design, but now I’m thinking of waiting for the 7280, with its narrow body and wheel and unconventional design, it’s even more expensive than hers, but may be worth it for the newness factor. Plus, it made Fortune’s 25 Best Products of 2004.