one year ago

It occured to me last night just before I fell asleep that I have no idea what I did for Christmas last year, absolutely none. Which means it was very ordinary and boring.

Woe the wonders of the weblog, I could just look up the December 2003 archives, if I wrote anything right?

So, last Christmas Eve, the same as today, went to the yacht club for mulled wine and minced pies and carol singing. Then last year I went over to to play mahjong, but now it’s only 8pm and I’m already home and she’s outside having KFC chicken wings and watching serial drama and I’m here.

Tomorrow we have the whole day, then I’m going for dinner with parents and sis and her in-laws. Last year we had dinner at my parents’, this year we’ll eat out.

The lights in the living room are great, I love them so much, may be I’ll keep them around all year.