the best christmas

Originally the plan was to go to the beach with sis and her in-laws, but my parents decided not to join cos it’s too far for them to travel, and none of us knew how to get there. So I got a reprieve, that I can sleep till late.

I woke up at 11.45 and reached over and … sniff, sniff, found the other side of the bed empty — she’d started watching her serial drama already! Even before brushing her teeth, oh mm! How obsessed :).

Anyway we had some dumplings as snack cos the steak I took out last night hadn’t defrosted properly yet. By the time I started cooking it was nearly 2pm. Luckily steak takes no time to grill, and I had some salad and asparagus. So it was a really simple but delicious, loving Christmas steak lunch. We even had half a bottle of champagne, hmmmm.

She watched TV, I bummed around the net, sometimes I’d go outside to visit her, sometimes she’d come inside the study to visit me. It’s being together, but having our own space and being very very very happy.

I did go out for dinner with family, and she went home cos she was having a friend over. Got lots of presents, chocolate, a lovely spices box, a windmill for the fishtank, HMV voucher, a scarf. So happy.

So quiet, so peaceful, so together.

The best Christmas in a long time.