The beauty of the internet and MT proves itself yet again. I’m in Taipei. We decided to come over for a short trip, just 3 days. Woke up early this morning, even before the crack of dawn, at around 5am (couldn’t sleep), checked Common Areas, then got ready.

We’re staying at a boutique hotel, Les Suites Da-An, that’s all French epoque and dark wood and contrmporary settlings. Took a bus from the airport and 5 minutes walk from the stop.

For lunch we went to Ding Tai Fung, we got there a 1pm and was told there’d be a 1.5 hour wait. Yikes. So we went to the streets behind, walked around, and had some snacks. Returned just over an hour later and we were seated within 2 minutes. Fast and efficient, yet not rushed or cramped. Lovely chicken soup and good dumplings.


More walking, then took the subway to Dan Sui (sp?), next to I guess a river and loads of small shops and snack places along the waterfront. Quite crowded but not overwhelmingly so. Had smelly tofu, this weird squidgy dumpling thing, winter melon juice, grilled squid, sausages. Yum. We were quite tired and slept on the way in the train.

For dinner proper we went to Shilin night market. It was raining somewhat so not so comfortable. We had Taiwanese version of ba kueh teh, with pork rib and lamb. Afterwards I wanted iced dessert but was too full, we settled for juice, she had bitter melon and I had papaya milk. Subway back to hotel, walked a little, and we’re still in the lounge, haven’t gone back to our room yet — she’s checking tomorrow’s plans and I’m obviously blogging.

Nice and relaxing day.